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We Love Family Days Out

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Who doesn’t? We take every opportunity to spend time outdoors with the kids and we absolutely love to discover new things to do and places to see, whether it’s a short trip to a local park, exploring the woods, a day at the beach or visiting one of the many majestic castles and historic sites in the U.K, whatever it is, there is always something fun to do.

With lockdown restrictions a little bit more relaxed and more places open for business, it means we can all explore some new ideas for fun family days out. Living in Kent, means we have some amazing places to discover right on our doorstep and we’re taking full advantage of what’s available. Having just returned from our family staycation in Wales, we quickly jumped online to find some ideas of new things we can do and a chance to get out of the house to enjoy the amazing weather and keep the little ones entertained.

We first discovered English Heritage on a trip to the Isle of Wight, while searching for things to do locally, and we found that two of the most popular sites to visit on the Isle was Carisbrooke Castle and the incredibly impressive Osborne House where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert spent most of their summers. It was also the location for the blockbuster movie, Victoria & Abdul, Victoria is played by the incomparable Judy Dench, it's a great watch if you have the time.

Nonetheless, we decided then to sign up to the annual family membership to English Heritage which costs £109 p.a and allows entry to any of their sites for two adults and up to 12 children or one adult and up to 6 children for half the price, there are also other options available. It seemed like a no brainer to us especially as we had planned to get out often throughout the year.

"Whether you fancy watching the Falconer's Quest or visiting the dreaded Castle Dungeon, there is something for everyone."

What Do You Get In the Membership?

English Heritage is the custodian of more than 400 historic monuments, buildings and places throughout England, no matter where you are you’ll discover something new to do with the family. You’ll have access to historic landmarks, with free entry for the kids to places like Stonehenge, Dover Castle, Bolsover Castle among many others. When looking for ideas, simply head over to the website and click on the 'Places to Visit' under the Visit tab. Once you've put in your postcode you will be presented with an interactive map of all the places to see near you. You're always likely to find something that appeals to you.

Your membership also enables you to get discounts from places that may not be on the English Heritage list. For instance, Warwick Castle offers a 50% discount to members when you pre-book online. It's definitely one of the must-see places on our list as it conjures up all the fairy tale images of a medieval castle and is an immersive experience for the whole family, whether you fancy watching the Falconer's Quest or visiting the dreaded Castle Dungeon, there is something for everyone.

English Heritage is now one of our favourite go-to websites to check out when looking for ideas. We’ve recently visited Eltham Palace, a stately medieval residence transformed by eccentric millionaires, the Courtaulds, set on 19 acres of award-winning gardens and striking Art Deco. There is much to see here and once we had toured the elaborate rooms and done all the sightseeing you can spend as much time in the gardens as you want, playing games or just having a picnic.

The membership also includes access to their events and summer quests that involve the kids. Games include having to crack the clues and follow trails around the grounds to claim an adventurer's certificate. They also offer other entertainment like Kids Rule! where children can learn about England’s history through arts and crafts, Saxon dress-up, and other entertaining ways.

Use my referral link and head over to English Heritage if you want to check it out.

Got any fun family days out you'd like share?

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