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Book Review: The World's Worst Parents

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Ever since David Walliams released his first book back in 2008, he instantly became a huge hit and has revolutionised reading for children. He has sold over 37M books worldwide and has written so many amazing books since, and this latest one certainly does not disappoint. Tony Ross, who does the illustrations, has written over a hundred books and has collaborated with David on 11 successful children’s novels. His creations, Towser and The Little Princess have been turned into TV series, and together they’ve produced another winning formula with this latest release.

We’ve had a few of David’s books, notably The World’s Worst series, and my kids loved it. The stories are packed with great illustrations, hilarious tales, amusing characters and loads of laughs. You can really get into character with these books to make reading all the more fun for the little ones to enjoy. My oldest is old enough to delve into these books by himself and thoroughly enjoys the read too, he loves the wacky characters. It’s right up there with the Julia Donaldson series in my opinion. The World’s Worst Parents have just been released for the summer and we got it on pre-order from Amazon.

There are 10 stories in the book itself, with such characters as Barry Bovver, the dad who is not the brightest spark and Harriet Hurry, the mother with a need for speed - your little ones won’t get bored reading these tales.

Check your local bookstore for copies, it should be available in all popular book shops, or you can pick it up from Amazon. It’s available in many different forms, hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook (free on trial) as well as paperback and CD.

Do you have any great reads you'd like to share?

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