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The Wonders of Vinyl Flooring #Sponsored

Luxury vinyl flooring is frequently praised by homeowners who have installed it and by interior designers who have installed it within their clients properties for a long lasting, budget friendly style. The reasons for advocating such a material is simple: it doesn’t cost a lot to having excellent flooring you can love for a lifetime.

The best brand to begin your luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) journey with has to be Amtico.

You can choose from planks or tiles which Amtico has knowledgeably designed and manufactured to fit perfectly, look great and clean easy in every corner of your home.

vinyl flooring

Ample Choice

There are so many varieties of style throughout Amtico that it had to be split into collections to help organise the choices available to you. The first of three is the Signature Collection which is designed to work well with period homes or homes which have authentic features which cannot, or do not want to, be removed by the owners.

Spacia is a little more modern family minded, with benefits which have been curated to prevent damages and stains from leaving lasting marks on your flooring and ruining your room scheme. Click Smart is for those who love to save on installation and if you’re an avid DIY lover then these easy ‘click’ into place planks and tiles are going to make your luxury vinyl flooring experience even better.

Bountiful Benefits

The brilliance of Amtico is that they have discovered the secrets to delivery vinyl flooring which looks fantastic and doesn’t lose colour over time, which benefits a busy household by withstanding the test of time.

Many years of experience have been used to perfect the vinyl flooring plank and tile. Amtico contains the highest levels of durability and style replication in all their flooring collections. The main focus on the lifespan of vinyl flooring is the easy clean maintenance methods and smooth replacement transitions. Any Amtico vinyl flooring you install gets you the maximum amount of life from your floor and deflects accidents and damages from every angle.

Formulating the perfect structure to Amtico planks and tile leaves you with a product which is warm to the touch and cushioning underfoot. Each and every footfall is absorbed so you can stay up late and not worry about waking the kids.

Sensational Style

Whatever you’re looking for, Amtico will have the replica flooring that is right for you.

Wood shades vary from light to dark and everything in between. Stone or slate can be selected by tone and whether you want to make a room appear bigger or smaller. Amtico exhibits and impressive portfolio of planks and tiles which are entirely focused on palette, shade and borders that are in a league of their own.

There is no higher calibre of choice when it comes to finding a flooring which saves you money and time, but which gives you a lifetime of sophistication and durability than the lowest price Amtico flooring.

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