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Our Best Family Games To Play

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

With all the disposable time on our hands during the lockdown, finding new and exciting ways to entertain ourselves with the kids can be a fun pursuit, and it also happens to be one of our favourite pastimes in the family household.

It’s all too easy to be sucked into the abyss of endless “bingeworthy shows to watch” that often leaves you in a vegetative state, while sitting on your sofa, watching one show after another.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to the odd TV binge, but I think we’ve had our fix of late nights watching an endless recommendation of shows at the beginning of the lockdown.

We are a family that takes fun seriously and we love to play and try new games, including some of the latest new internet crazes.

Here's a list of games that keep us entertained -

Pictionary Air - This is a comical new twist to the classic family game and it's a barrel of laughs. Just like the old game, you have to draw clues while your teammates guess what it is, the only difference here, is that instead of using a pen and paper, you have an air pen that you use with an accompanying mobile app that helps you to visualise the drawing. You can even record yourself and create custom games and post to social media.

Monopoly - This game gets a special mention because Hasbro has released a Cheaters Edition, fully intended to be taken very lightly of course. The game encourages you to bend and break the rules, but if you get caught, you get cuffed. It’s a fun spin on an old classic.

Console Games - This one probably deserves it’s own post, with a heap of options for kids and interactive family games to get your teeth into, like virtual Olympics, bowling, golf, boxing, archery games, that requires you to get the Kinect for XBOX, which offers quality entertainment and you could easily play for hours.

Nerf Guns - This one definitely needs some level of guidance, because sometimes tempers can flare quickly and a fight may break out if you’ve got hot-tempered boys who always want to get the better of each other, but it’s usually fine, most of the time!

Swingball - Who doesn’t love this classic game? It’s perfect for outdoors, especially with the amazing summer weather we’ve been enjoying in the UK.

Jenga! - You cannot leave this one off the list. Jenga is another exceptional classic game from the 80’s for the whole family to get involved with. There are so many great reasons to play, like improving your dexterity, hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking as well as problem-solving, and improving social skills to name a few. Most of all, it's such great fun for all.

Worthy Mentions -

These games don't require you to make any purchases, all you need is yourself and or you can make use of times around the house.

Bottle Flipping - No this doesn’t involve juggling. All you need is a half-filled 300ml or similar size water bottle and the aim is to flip the bottle and land it standing straight up. We’ve seen a few celebrities play this too and I guess it’s how we’ve been influenced to try it out for ourselves.

Floss Like a Boss - Nothing to do with your dental hygiene, in fact, it’s a really easy looking but surprisingly complicated (for parents) dance craze. Here’s a video illustration of how to do it, if you fancy trying it on for yourself. Again, hours of fun and really appeals to the TikTok generation.

There you have it, let us know what games you’re playing to keep the family entertained during the lockdown.

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