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How We’re All Coping During Lockdown

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

While most of us are evidently finding joy during lockdown and have adjusted to a new way of life. For some parents, anxiety levels have increased. According to official research figures from Ipsos, 58% of parents have high anxiety vs 41% of those without children. While the quality of our lives has improved, and we've found more time to sleep and spend quality time with our loved ones, keeping kids occupied has been a real concern especially for parents with kids 6-12 years old. Concerned, because some of us have had to balance our new roles as teachers & carers alongside being parents and managing work during the week.

Dads are especially learning how hard it is to cope with life during lockdown. Have a look at the research figures below -

Dads are finding it more difficult to cope during lockdown.

An astonishing 63% are suffering from high levels of anxiety against 52% of mums. Well, if ever I needed to present a case to the Mrs to have more “me time”, this would certainly go a long way. The channel most of us have turned to, to help cope with it all is content on TV. Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and now Disney+, have been incredible in helping to discover new shows for the whole family, they have been the big winners of lockdown. Social media platforms like TikTok have certainly grown in stature, entertainment devices and gaming consoles have also contributed in a big way. Like most parents, we’ve allowed the boys to spend more time playing computer games to connect with friends, but it’s not just entertainment, we’ve also turned to content to stay informed and to bond as a family. For those with younger kids, on-demand TV has become a great daycare provider for many.

Platforms like BBC Bitesize have been an amazing source for online lessons for children of all ages. JK Rowling has also launched a new platform to bring some magic to children and parents during the lockdown. The author has announced the first Harry Potter book will also be available for free in both ebook and audiobook form - what a time to be alive!

Harry Potter at home

Thank goodness live sports is back on our screens, Football, F1 & Cricket is here again and I can tell you that it’s definitely helped to ease my worries. Finally, MOTD is covering the usual electrifying football action from the weekend - happy days!

Joe Wicks has been the nation’s PE teacher since the beginning of lockdown, and

we’ve been joining him every week to get the day started. These are some great examples of how we’ve used content to help reduce anxiety levels.

From Daniel Tiger to Tiger King, parents have recognised that we need great content to help balance our hectic schedules. We are now putting the “we” before “me” when considering which streaming services and entertainment to subscribe to and are looking for platforms that can satisfy everyone in the household.

Let us know how you've been coping during the lockdown.

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