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How My Kids Reacted to Retro Arcade Games

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

My boys, like most kids these days are absolutely nuts about games, they will literally play with any device or game you put in their hands, if it has buttons and there is an objective, they’ll figure out the rest on their own, whether it be an XBOX, Nintendo, tablet, phone or TV - yes the Television has games on it too! My savvy little tech geniuses have discovered that they can play free online games within the browser of the smart TV. They’ve even discovered that with an 8bitdo adapter they can use their favourite controller to play on any device. What a time to be alive!

When I grew up, it was all about the arcade, I was happy as Larry with a pocket full of coins I could use to feed the hungry machines. This was before the first home entertainment games consoles that sprung up during the 80s & 90s and I was lucky enough to have an Atari, then the Sega Mega Drive and eventually moving on to the Playstation's of this world.

What absolutely blew my kids' minds was when I showed them my X-Arcade joystick.

Something I bought many years before to reminisce about the good ol days. It is quite simple to operate. You only need to download the emulator plus ROM game files that you can source for free just by searching for it on the internet. I’m talking about Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, Wonder Boy (My personal Favourite!) 1942, Ghost ‘n Goblins, Double Dragon, Vigilante, Black Dragon, Pinball, Donkey Kong, Xain Sleena, I could go on!!! They were absolutely bowled over, despite the relatively poor graphics compared to the games of today, the actual gameplay itself is still as good as I can remember it to be all those years ago.

"I think my butt still hurts from the beating I got from my mum back then"

This is exactly how I justify just how solid gold and timeless these games are. The AI was very simple yet astoundingly addictive to play, so much so that I actually got into trouble when I first started playing them when I was about 12 years old because I ended up using all my coins from my little money box that I had accumulated over the years just to play them! I used to turn the money box upside down and fish for coins with a butter knife and they'd fall out of the little slit. When my mum discovered I'd been using the money I'd supposedly been saving to play games, boy was I in trouble. I think my butt still hurts from the beating I got from my mum back then, but it was so worth it! Thank goodness times have changed. Nonetheless it's great to see how even though games have moved on, they still appeal to the Gen Z's of today.

If you want to get your fix with these games, get the RETRO MEGA JOY PLUG N PLAY 2 PLAYER 118 CLASSIC ARCADE GAMES that you can enjoy with your family. Get it for Christmas, I promise you, it's hours of fun!

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