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A Guide To The Best Home Security Cameras

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Best Home Security Cameras

Technology has certainly made our lives more convenient and has given us great access to things like being able to remotely control your thermostat, scheduling your TV to record your favourite program even while being hundreds of miles away from home.

We live in a connected world where we leave so much of our personal information in the public domain, we may have become a little complacent. Like when doing check-ins via social media, inadvertently alerting burglars when you’re out, simple things like buying items online, providing address information and letting people know when you’re in, also giving details on how to get into your building. Unfortunately, technology has also made it easier for prying eyes and burglars to know your whereabouts.

Thankfully, there are companies that are using technology to develop cutting edge home surveillance equipment that is accessible to everyone.

Home security is becoming increasingly popular and finding the best, smart surveillance equipment in a cluttered market, may leave you slightly puzzled, given the range of choices available. Well, here we are going to review the best home surveillance equipment currently available so you don't have to. Let's delve right into it, shall we -

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

This camera is a high-end surveillance device and is a splendid piece of technology. It’s designed really well and looks good in all white housing with the black camera face. There is an entry level Nest Cam, but I felt it was lacking necessary features therefore didn’t bother to review it. However, the Nest Cam IQ, at the top of the line offers excellent visual clarity, processing power and connectivity. It covers all the standard features such as live view, 2-way audio (listen and speak using your phone) with the built-in microphone and speaker.

Where it is different from other home security cameras is that it offers Supersight Vision, and comes with intelligent imaging that has a facial recognition feature.

Nest Cam IQ

Nest Cam IQ allows you to go back in time with 3 hour event history snapshots. It also has Nest Aware subscription (sold separately) that enables you to continuously record everything that’s happening round the clock with a greater cloud storage facility and has night vision built-in.

There are so many other great features, it has an in-built ring of light around the camera that illuminates different colours to let you know what mode it's in. It is also smart enough to identify familiar faces so you don’t have to keep approving family and friends. It doesn’t only have motion sensors, but you can also receive audio detection alerts so if for example a dog barks or someone speaks, you’ll be notified.

The indoor Nest Cam IQ has Google Assistant built-in, and can help you manage your everyday tasks, get answers to your questions, and control other connected smart home devices, so it’s no surprise then that this nifty little device sits at the top end of home security camers and I feel it's definitely worth everything it has to offer.

Hive View

With the black and brushed Copper finish, this camera is probably the most beautifully designed surveillance technology on the list and the features aren’t bad either. One useful feature of the design is that you can take the main camera cube off the stand and put it anywhere you want. The picture quality is crisp and clear and there is very little lag between actions and the images displayed on the app, which is great. I'd say it's probably one of the better cameras in terms of image quality with livestream day or night in 1080p HD straight to your phone. It is smart enough to distinguish between people and animals so you can get an alert when it recognises a person

Hive View Home Security Camera

The Hive View will start recording immediately when it detects motion or sound and will also send you notifications to your mobile. It has similar attributes as the Nest IQ, where you can set a schedule for it to be on the lookout for people, detect faces and sounds, but one drawback is that you’re not able to integrate the camera via a voice controlled device like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but if you’re happy using the camera with your phone, then it should be sufficient. It is probably also the reason why it's not as expensive as the Net Cam IQ.

I would say it’s a great middle of the road camera to have.

Blink XT2

This is quite an impressive home security camera, available for both outdoor & indoor use. It’s the latest version of the XT1 and it’s incredibly easy to set up. You can get it working within just a few minutes, straight out of the box. No tools, wiring or professional installation is required, even my 10 year old son could do it. What’s more, it's also available to use with your Alexa enabled device. Some of the features include cloud storage, allowing you to store clips online, up to a year with no additional monthly fees.

With 24 hour surveillance, you can record and view up to 1080p HD video during the day and use infrared HD night vision after dark. It has a 2-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries. The customisable motion detection is a great feature, allowing you to use activity zones to choose where motion is detected so you receive the alerts, a typical feature among smart home cameras.

Have a look at the Blink XT2 RRP on Amazon

Blink XT2 Home Security Camera

It also features a 2-way audio system, allowing you to talk to visitors through the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet.

However, the night vision range of the camera is found to be very short, and doesn't seem to be able to illuminate beyond a few meters - so it may be an issue if you have a large area you need to observe in the dark. To that point, you may instead, want to consider getting an outdoor camera with a built-in light like the Ring Sport Light Cam, which we’ll get into next.

Ring Spotlight Cam

This camera, probably isn’t the most pleasing on the eye compared to other cameras on the market and it doesn’t feel very durable given how lightweight it is, but it may just be why it is so popular. Just like the other smart cameras it also works with Alexa enabled display devices, like the Show 5. You have a choice between battery operated or the wired version. Standard features include, 2-way audio allowing you to hear and speak to visitors from your phone or tablet and ofcourse live view instant notification. The battery operated version comes with a rechargeable battery pack. It also has 1080p HD video with infrared night vision to use in the dark.

What I really like is that it includes built-in LED light strips and a siren. The light might be enough to put off intruders and could also be handy if you live in an area with poor street lighting. It also has theft protection (if your camera is stolen it will be replaced free of charge!)

Ring Protect subscription is required for £2.50 p.m. to activate video recording on your device after the 30 day free trial has ended.

The retail price has been reduced from £199, and is now available for £159 from Amazon.

Ring Spotlight Cam

The Ring is NOT waterproof, despite it being for outdoor use so you will need to get a cover for it, which is available on Amazon for £11.99.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

This latest version, is an upgrade from the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and it features improved motion detection and dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) Wi-Fi connectivity.

RRP on Amazon for £159 (Reduced from £199)

Ring Video Doorbell 3

It’s a neat piece of technology that ticks a number of boxes. Essentially you’re getting a doorbell that doubles as a home security camera, what's not to like! When the 1st generation Ring was launched in 2018 it was one of the hottest selling items on Amazon and topped many a Christmas list and they’ve just kept improving the features.

The 3rd generation Plus version features 1080p HD video with 2 way audio.

You can receive instant notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers the built-in, advanced motion sensors. You can also pair it with select Alexa enabled devices and enable announcements.

As with the Ring Spotlight, you can also opt for the Ring Protect subscription to activate video recording on your device after the 30 day free trial has ended.

EZVIZ CTQ3W Outdoor Security Camera

This home security camera is surprisingly good given the price point. It's certainly one of the more affordable home security cameras I've come across. It is available in both 1080p and 720p video resolution and is packed with impressive features like the dual antennas on the camera to ensure reliable wireless transmission, to enhance the connection to your Wi-Fi Router. What's more, it's the only smart surveillance camera in the list with works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Other features include a built-in siren alarm and strobe light to help deter suspicious behaviour. The integration of infrared lights, an anti-reflection panel infrared filter enables excellent night vision up to 30 meters!

Eziviz Outdoor Security Camera

The Ezviz CTQ3W is designed for long lasting outdoor security, the IP66-certified camera is a reliable and durable camera that can protect you in all types of weather; rain, sunshine and even snow.

In terms of the storage facility, you can get a MicroSD Card or opt for the EZVIZ Cloud Service for a small monthly subsciption.

That's it from me and thanks for reading my review. You may need to ramp up your home surveillance or maybe you just want to monitor certain parts of your home while you're away. Price obviously is an important part of your consideration and there a few factors to consider when making your decision. You'll want to decide what purpose you need a home security camera for, with the available selection of both indoor and outdoor use and whether you need a wireless battery operated or wired camera. Good luck with your decision!

Get in touch if you have any questions or let us know what home security camera you decide to go for.

Note: All reviews are conducted through a combination of personal experience and expert reviews.

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